Monday, 14 July 2008

Pickett Hill House

I have very recently discovered the world of Robin Betterley. I stumbled upon their website through a link somewhere else. There I found myself staring at Frostys Snowman Shop in total awe! Having never made any sort of model before, let alone a 1/4 scale miniature, I emailed them full of questions. I explained that I sew, paint and collage (among many other creative pastimes) and did they think this was something I could acheive. Shawn emailed me back almost immediately explaining that it sounded like I would be ok. So I decided that I needed to take the plunge into this new world of building miniatures. On this thought I searched on the net for this type of thing, only to discover that there was nothing that drew me to it in the same way. I then found the website where I found a UK supplier of the Betterleys miniatures. This is where I first laid eyes on Pickett Hill House ! It was beyond any doubt that I absolutely had to build it. I spoke to Judith on the phone (who then spoke to Shawn) and she sorted everything out in order to make my new dream come true! As I type, Picket Hill House is sitting somewhere in the postal system with my name on it. As and when it arrives I shall start the process of putting it all together and will post my progress.

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Sandra from Sydney said...

I had no idea that this was your first excursion into the world of miniatures! I am even more blown away by your achievement knowing this. Luv Sandie.