Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Ritas Farm

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a little farm kit by Rita Boyle from the MicroMinis Group. It is absolutely amazing. The animals are SO unbelievably tiny. This is also the first time I am including people in my miniatures so I am looking forward to how it will turn out. The scale is VERY small - don't ask me for the figures - I will blog later as to the exact measurements. Anyway it was a sunny day and I decided that it was the perfect day to think about ducks - which of course there will be plenty of on my farm - lazily swimming on a little pond, and piglets rolling in the straw and enjoying a bit of blue sky. SO I got out the little package of delights and set to. Here is how I got on so far.........

This is the base painted green ready for landscaping and I decided I wanted a pale blue farmhouse.

Believe it or not these stained bits of wood will be a stable and a pigsty!

Here is the stable being built in my Lego glue jig.

The stable fronts are on.

The farmhouse is starting to take shape.

The sunlight was starting to fade as I put the back on the farmhouse.

The sunlight had totally gone by the time the front was going on - hence the flash photography!
This is going to be such a fun project - lots of landscaping and my first go at water - those ducks need their pond! So lets see what tomorrow brings.
Looking at the blue that I had mixed for just 'the perfect' blue I was picturing my farmhouse I suddenly realised what colour I wanted the dresser and table in my baby house so I painted those too.

120th scale kitchen furniture for my Baby House.

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Joey's Dream Garden said...

You are right, it's so TEENY TEENY TINY!! Looking very nice so far, I love that shade of blue, very you! :-)
Joey xx