Thursday, 22 April 2010

Nana's Vintage Attic Treasures

I love stories and I love vintage and as you already know I love creating with 'stuff' ! So you can imagine how over the moon I was with this find on etsy.

Nana's Vintage Attic treasures

It is from a shop called 'Frost it Pink' that as a name I thought was wonderful. The story that Amy has put with the item is just lovely.

'Imagine walking up the old creaky steps into a wonderland that is your Nana's attic .....'

Here is a link to Amys' shop so you can go and see for yourself

It is so strange that just after this find on etsy I spent the weekend at my Moms, and we had some fun sorting through an old sewing chest that she had been given. I very happily came away with a wonderful stash of buttons and bias. So I now am drawn to my sewing box and fabric stash to see what I can come up with using this wonderful lot.

My friend Joey was very lovely and put one of my monsters in her etsy treasury. It all looked so beautiful together. I love it when treasuries have a colour theme. Here is a look at what she put together.

I have not sat at my craft table for a few days now so I don't have any new photos to show you, but there has been discussion in our house of painting our Chimney Breast green! Our house is white throughout with dark wooden beams. Clive one night suddenly announced that he felt we needed more colour in our front room and that we should 'paint the chimney breast'. After much discussion and debate I over-ruled Clive and Elliot and decided green, in fact a 'lovely fresh spring green'. So DH dutifully went to the paint shop and purchased a tin of 'lovely fresh spring green' paint! I will keep you posted on this and may even produce before and after photos - it certainly makes a change to be doing decor full size instead of in miniature!

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Joey's Dream Garden said...

HIya! I love the look of those buttons and ribbon, fantastic! Yes you have loads of stuff from your mum's, I can't wait til you turn it into something special!!

And, as you know, I can't wait to see your green breast!! ;-)
Joey xx