Monday, 12 April 2010

Time for some Lydia Pickett

I have not worked on any of the furniture for Pickett Hill for a while now. So I thought it was maybe time to do a few pieces.
As I have worked so much on 144th and 120th scale recently 48th scale (which used to seem to minuscule) suddenly seemed quite large and chunky. But having said that the beautiful fine detailing that the Betterleys always put into everything still makes it a fair challenge for building.

I deciding a mammoth gluing and building session was in order which at some point will be followed by a painting day.

The wonderful bath

The sink made from an old door

The plate rack, the ladies desk and side table.

Here is everything so far and the oval occasion table top.

The chair

The Day Bed

The chair next to the little table.

Just for fun a 120th scale chair on top of the 48th scale chair!


craziegracie said...

Enjoyed this feature immensely. Always amazed by the intricacy of the custom made miniature furnishing.

The Pin Factory said...

Hi Grace
Thanks for popping by.
It is the sheer talent of the kit designers that amazes me. The Betterleys come up with such beautiful ideas and such wonderful stories to go with them.