Saturday, 21 August 2010

Beautiful Cabinet

I arrived home from holiday last night to a parcel from South Africa. Liesl has made THE most beautiful piece of furniture for my 24th scale French House. I now am desperate to make a room for it to sit in.

Just the wrapping alone was so wonderful that I had to photograph it!

Even a 'C' for Claire - I shall carefully peel this off and find just the right spot for it.

The wrapping papers are gorgeous so I have very carefully set them to one side and I have a feeling that you will see them re-appearing on some furniture for my French House.

And here is the cabinet in all its glory. My absolute favourite colours and birds too! It is beautifully made and looks like it has been passed down from family to family and loved by every single generation. Liesl has made this from scratch.

Here is a close up of the decoration on the door. So much inspiration for my next french room.

Here is a close up of the drawer. The drawer knobs are exquisite and look at those feet.

The cabinet opens and it is lined with wallpapers designed by Robin Betterley - sigh how totally beautiful!

Here's another photograph with the door open.

And here it is next to a ruler to show you how small it really is because you cannot tell as the detail is so clear.

Thank you so much Liesl this is a wonderful gift and I will treasure it always. I now have to start thinking what room it will go in.
If you would like to see more of Liesl's wonderful work you must go and visit her blog Little Lily Rose


Lee said...

What a lucky gal you are~it is a beautiful cabinet! now I need to check out her site.
Thanks for sharing!

Liesl Kleu said...

Thanks Claire, your photo's are beautiful! Can't wait to see it in it's new home!

Joey's Dream Garden said...

Oh Claire, it's BEAUTIFUL!! Liesl made this from scratch??? Wonderful. All the detail is really lovely, you are indeed very lucky! :D What a smashing present to come home to!
Joey xx

Joey's Dream Garden said...

I've just been reading Liesl's blog... is this little cabinet made out of mountboard?? If it is, I'm even more impressed! :D

The Pin Factory said...

Yes I think this piece is made from mount board - you cannot tell even when you hold it. Amazing really - the paint technique is wonderful. Not a kit like I make it is all Liesls own design!
Claire x

Louise Elizabeth. Textile Designs ♥ said...

This would look good as a cabinet in life size too - great colours :)