Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Cupboardy House

If you remember way back in September last year my friend Joey gave me an old thimble display shelf.
I immediately saw the potential and ripped out the shelves to change it to 144th scale.

Here is the new interior and the whole cupboard painted in undercoat. I cut out the holes for the stairs on each landing. I wanted the two sets of stairs to go in different ways to make it more interesting.

There were slots at the side of the cupboard where I had taken out the original shelves so I cut tiny slithers of wood and filled them.

I then got some roofing and brick paper from Judith at 'In Some Small Way'. I used this for the roof and for the sides of the cupboard

The brick paper also made the exterior of the house on the lower shelf which is going to be the street scene. I used 144th scale windows and a door again from Judith. The wallpapers throughout are from Jennifer's Printables which I then shrunk.
This is the street scene so far, I will be adding some pot plants and other bits.

This is the interior of the cupboardy house. I used all Arts and Crafts style papers as I wanted to create a busy interesting feel.

The top area of the cupboard is going to be the garden. So far I have painted a rough blue area that will become the sky and done a rough grass base to build up from. I will have great fun landscaping this, loads of room for pergolas, swings, maybe even a greenhouse!

Here is the cupboardy house as it now stands!

And I know I always forget to put something in the photograph for scale so here is an AA battery in front of the door to give you an idea of scale.


Anji* said...

What fun! and so tiny..

Kim@My Fairytale Cottage said...

Wow, it's so tiny. Can't wait to see your progress!!
-K0, :)

Liesl Kleu said...

It's brilliant Claire! My favourite has got to be the street, very clever! Actually the whole house is clever..... I really love the whole idea, fabulous!Mmm, wonder if I have anything lurking around that could be turned into a mini house.....

Yayin said...

Muy buen cambio,te va a quedar preciosa la casa.Felicidades,ya tengo ganas de verla terminada.

Clara said...

Este cambio es casi un milagro. Ya hay mucho trabajo hecho. Espero los siguientes pasos :)
Besos Clara

The Pin Factory said...

Thank you Anji, Liesl and Kim I am glad that you like it. I have had so much fun with it.

Gracias Rosa y Clara por sus cumplidos encantadora.