Saturday, 9 October 2010

In Praise of Butterflies - or Wonderful things to come!

When I was child my teachers often reported to my parents that I was 'like a butterfly' and I was always 'flitting from one thing to another'. This was always said as, and taken to be, a negative comment. As an adult I still have these 'butterfly' tendencies but I have discovered that it is in no way a negative thing. I like to have lots and lots of things on the go all the time. Doing a little bit of one thing and then onto the next thing. I always go back and carry on with each thing but because I do a thing when I am at my most enthusiastic about it then I always get maximum pleasure from it.
I am now seeing this same trait in my eight year old son. I have chosen to look upon it as a positive and wonderful way to approach life. He certainly is full of the most amazing passion for things that he enjoys.
So on the subject of having lots of things on the go, I thought I would give you a look at projects to come and let you have a brief glimpse at my wish list!

This is a 24th scale grand piano that comes as a kit. Believe me I have searched high and low for the perfect grand piano for my French house and this is THE only one in kit form as far as I have found. You can build it with the lid up or down - but when you see the strings inside you would be mad not to have the lid up. Mine of course will be white or perhaps cream and I am looking for just the right piece of artwork to put on the lid. It is from .
This is another of the Betterleys wonderful creations. A 12th scale Christmas cabinet. I have not done 12th scale before and tend not to work in the larger scale but this was just too irresistible. I have ordered the piece and aim to have it built and finished to go on the mantelpiece by the 1st December - which is when we put our Christmas tree up. It is available from

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I have a real love for Baby Houses. So when I saw the latest creation from Cynthia Howe it melted my heart. The silhouettes on the front are laser cut and then added on - too beautiful for words! This is available from
Ladybug is a well known miniature designer and has a wonderful range of Baby Houses in her shop. This is the Art Deco Cabinet designed by Pitt, who is well known for the designs he does for the Bespaq range. The doors are glazed so you can see into it even with doors closed. The furnishings inside come with the cabinet and of course are all Art Deco. This will be available in her shop soon but I don't think it is there just yet. She has only released a few to start with.
There is also much planning happening with the French house. I have purchased some amazing wallpaper from Susan Bembridge at and cannot wait to get it into the house. I am going to start on one of the bedrooms as I have just managed to get a beautiful bed to go in it. In Some Small Way has a new range of 24th scale furniture including a number of lovely bedrooms so I shall be spoilt for choice.
Tanglewood Cottage is sat patiently waiting for me too. I am desperate to get to work but feel it is important to know just exactly where I want to go with it. It is so full of character and it is important to me to keep all of that.
The Town Square shops by Debbie Young are still coming every other month. I am working on the Pet Shop at the moment and the next one will be the Toy Shop.
I have also just got the last kit for Birchwood so I can now begin on that project as well. I have also heard on the grapevine that there is to be another installment in the Birchwood journey starting in January. I can hardly breathe with anticipation. Whilst on the subject of the Betterleys there are a number of new projects coming from them over the next few months but I shall save those little gems for when they arrive!
For my birthday in August I was lucky enough to get the Betsy Ross kit from In Some Small Way. I have had everything out of the box and it really is a truly wonderful kit. the exterior walls are resin so the brickwork is incredibly realistic. The shingles are the most beautiful ones I have seen. It may take some time as I think I want to paint each brick separately. This madness may well pass, but as it stands the updates will be slow and far between. I just want to give it the time and patience that it deserves.

I realise that I seem to only ever blog about my miniatures, but I do other things too. I am still happily piecing away on my Kaffe Fassett quilts. I am also stitching my cross stitch, along with many other projects.
So there you go, a glimpse into the wonderful things to come. This butterfly shall be doing lots of flitting and hopefully creating but most definitely enjoying and appreciating.


CLARA said...

Muy buenas compras. Todas estan preciosas.
Besos Clara

Ascension said...

Enhorabuena por esas preciosas compras!!!
besitos ascension

Joey's Dream Garden said...

Butterflies are beautiful, how on earth can that be a negative comment? They flit from flower to flower because they're free to do so, and surrounded by all that nectar, of course they'll flit! Your teachers sound typical of teachers I've known, know-it-alls.

But the pictures of minis, so much loveliness! I really like the Christmas dresser, I want a big-size one for our kitchen! Piano is lovely, so is that other baby house.

I know what I'd do with Tanglewood Cottage... which would make it very unique... ;-) Yes it would be something to do with the short stories of M.R. James and his ilk! :D

Joey xxx

Joey's Dream Garden said...

by the way, I really enjoyed how you've written this post, very readable! ;-)
J xx

miniaturista said...

Muy bonito todo.
Un saludo