Sunday, 25 September 2011

Long Time No Blog!

I cannot believe how long it is since I last blogged! We have just been so busy this last few months. When I realised how much had been done and not blogged I was not sure where to start. So I decided to start with just a whole load of photos to give a glimpse of what has been going on here at The Pin Factory!

I had a fun afternoon making the most wonderful fabric fairy wands with some friends daughters.

I had the sheer pleasure of dog sitting for my friend Carols Wire Fox Terrier Tilly who is just adorable and I really didn't want to hand her back over so I am trying to talk them into holidaying again soon.
I had a knit and natter evening for friends and their children at our house. These sweet peas were brought by a friends grand daughter from her garden and they smelt truly wonderful.

Pippin our Gecko has been growing and growing and growing.

Lots of messy fun making heart shaped pinatas for another friends sister in laws wedding.

A new 24th scale french house is starting to take shape, courtesy of Ritas husband Roy doing the hard part of cutting the pieces out.

There has been lots of playing at Bonnies house where we keep the ducks and seeing their rabbit just running around the garden.

I knitted my first ever garment and amazingly enough finished it. A cardigan for a soon be arrive baby.

I have loved the flowers this year so totally beautiful.

An amazing trip to Germany to stay with our friends in Nuremberg where I had my 40th birthday in a cave by candle light - ahh sigh.

Sitting in the glorious sunshine knitting on the balcony of our friends apartment where we stayed.

Still knitting but surrounded by picturesque woodland.

I received a stunning bouquet of flowers from the school where I run the craft club - it really brought summer into our front room!

Playing with Ria's new guinea pig - Flapjack.

I have been really enjoying sitting and watching the ducks running around, they have so much character. I cannot believe how fast they become fully grown ducks.

Going walking with my Mum, Dad and Elliot. Elliot really enjoyed scouting on ahead to find good spots for my Dad to stop and sketch.

Finishing the first side of my circular rainbow knitted cushion.

Having a fun day with friends making scrappy fabric bracelets to wear to a wedding.

Oh and of course the wearing of my new most wonderful boots that my husband bought me for my birthday. I think they may just be the Holy Grail of boots.

Lastly a picture of the alpacas that were grazing in the field next to where we camped at the beginning of Summer.

I have so many knitted and crocheted and mini'ed projects that I have been working on that I will have to come back and blog again with some more photosgraphs soon.


Lee said...

You have been busy! And what a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday! Love the boots!
good to see you back blogging!

Joey's Dream Garden said...

Hiya Claire!
Oh my goodness what a lot of pictures! It's really nice to see them all together with a running commentary. :D The fabric wands are brill! Tilly is gorgeous, so cute. Heart-shaped pinatas are really nice. And the cardigan for the little 'un is really fab! The buttons are a lovely finishing touch. (their flats look incredibly grand!) Flapjack is really sweet, love him!

Sandra from Sydney said...

I'm looking forward to seeing more of this French House! When do we see how you are going? Love, Sandie

The Pin Factory said...

Hi Sandie
I know I know I really need to get on with it :-)
I have finally chosen the impressor to use to make the hallway tiles so that is a big start but you know how I feel about clay so only time will tell. I promise to share the results! hugs Claire x