Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Teeny Tiny Cross Stitch

I rarely blog my embroidery projects as they are such slow progress but this I HAVE to share. I had the email newsletter from The Patchwork Rabbit the other day announcing what was new this month and as soon as I laid eyes on this little cross stitch design I knew I had to stitch it. It is a thimble purse "a tiny little purse to wear around your neck... a place to keep your thimble safe." does it get any sweeter than that??? 
The pattern is called School Girl Sampler Thimble Purse and is designed by Brenda Gervais. There are five in the series and although I would normally be drawn to the design with the house on, my heart just melted over the little scissor holding lady.  So without even pausing for breath I ordered the pattern, which comes with the most wonderful tiny purse clasp known to mankind. Obviously as soon as the pattern arrived I was completely in love and just needed to get my needle going, so it was straight back onto The Patchwork Rabbit and an order placed for the linen and the threads! Karla was wonderful and everything was despatched without hardly a minute wasted and in less than five days I am stitching.

Here is the pattern, the threads and the clasp.

Close up of the pattern design.

Even the photographs on the pattern booklet are just so lovely.

It uses Gentle Arts threads which are right up there as my favourites along with Weeks Dye Works.

Here is my little scissors holding lady so far.

Just to give you an idea of scale here it is with a penny! How tiny?????

This is my first attempt on 40 count and I am loving every second, as everyone knows I am rather keen on the miniature things!

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The Patchwork Rabbit said...

So glad you're enjoying it. I want to do one but can't choose!