Monday, 28 July 2008

Pickett Hill continues....

I have built most of the doors and windows now - an absolute joy to put together! They have been painted in an ivory colour. I have used Golden Fluid acrylics, as the recommended paints are not available in the UK. I love this particular make of paint and have used it on most of my other projects whether fabric or paper. The Bay window has come together beautifully. The porch is also started but is waiting for another coat of paint - this I am doing white. Once these have dried I shall give them all a coat of varnish and then put the plexi-glass windows in.

My son Elliot (5 and 51 weeks old!) has been inspired by watching me building this project and wanted to build his own model, so this morning we sat down and built this Tudor house kit from cardboard. What fun!

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Sandra from Sydney said...

Good to see that you are 'training' Elliot properly lol! Now that my kit is here too, I am following your progress from start to finish and loving every bit of it. Luv, Sandie