Thursday, 13 November 2008

The Roof is on!!!

If you click on the photos you will be able to see a larger version and see the detail better.

Yesterday I finished putting on the roof. What an exciting day! I am so pleased with how it looks. There is the odd bit where there may be a tiny gap when I'm sure there shouldn't be. But once the apex trim is on they won't show (thank goodness!).

Fitting the roof and the knee wall in the master bedroom proved to be quite a trial. Clive, my husband, was working from home and came out to find out what all the sighing and huffing was about!!! But I got there in the end, it was well worth it. It was almost as frustrating as trying to put the doorknobs on the internal doors (which thanks to Judith from 'In Some Small Way' was simplified by using small beads!).

I have to say that even though a total beginner, this house has just gone together beautifully. The kit is so well made and carefully designed.

I have wallpapered the bathroom and the master bedroom now which are looking great.

There is still a lot to do even though it is suddenly looking almost complete. I am just glad that there is lots of furniture kits to build for this as its a project that I really don't want to end!

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