Saturday, 31 January 2009

Craft Candy!

I picked up a leaflet in the local garden centre advertising 'Craft-Candy Sheffield's Original Craft Consortium'. The leaflet is pictured to the left.

So I emailed them and sent a selection of photos of the crafts that I do. Yvonne and Sarah got in touch and invited me to join. Its quite exciting really. The hardest thing about setting up to sell your crafts is getting the word out, and they seem so organised there will be a lot of opportunity as well as being able to meet other craft loving people. They are planning to have three craft fairs a year, the 1st one being the 'Spring Fling' on 28th March. I haven't decided yet whether or not I will have enough of my stuff to have a stall at this fair but I shall definitely be joining in the next one. There will be allsorts of wonderful stalls. To find out about both the organisation and the fair just visit their website.
To visit their website either follow this link or click on the craft candy logo to the left.

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