Sunday, 18 January 2009

Frostys Snowman Shop

I have started on my next miniature! This is Frostys the Snowman Shop. It is another design from the Betterleys, that I had for Christmas. Like Pickett Hill this kit has come from Judith Dowden at 'In Some Small Way' . It came beautifully boxed up in a lovely textured white box tied up with silver ribbon. Then inside all the pieces were wrapped in glittery tissue paper - the photo of the box really doesn't do it justice! The shop interior is quarter scale - the same as Pickett Hill. Below are the photos of the bits I've done so far. The main table that the shop sits on, the clothes closet (which I have also pictured next to a 10p piece so that you can see the scale), two sets of drawers, a table and the snowflake pots to put the xmas trees in. The clothes closet despite being so tiny has a door that opens, a rail to hang clothes on, an opening drawer at the bottom and tote boxes that slide off the shelves for you to fill. It really is amazing.

Frostys box

Interior photo

Pieces made so far.

Clothes closet next to a 10p.


saraeden said...

Hi there , nice to find you !

Sara x

Anonymous said...

The Frosty Shop is fantastic. I admire you for doing something that small. I only work in 1" scale and my fingers have enough trouble doing that. Great work - cant wait to see the rest of it. I would follow the blog if you had that option added.

Liesl said...

Hullo Claire
Frosty's is too cute!! I've taken a break from Pickett Hill as I'm back at work, so time is limited, but I've just recieved my first little furniture kit, and just had to put it together and put it in the house. Gosh it's small, compared to the 1" scale I've done so far!