Sunday, 11 January 2009

Pickett Hill!

I have spent quite a few afternoons working on Pickett Hill over the Christmas Holidays, but not any blogging I'm afraid!
But after 6 months Picket Hill is finished! Well apart from a few little bits that I can't put in until its been furnished!
I took quite some time over the roof shingles. Choosing the colour alone was pretty hard. In the end I painted several pieces of paper in various greens and alternated having them on the roof. I have to say I totally surprised myself by being drawn to the bright green! All this time I have pictured it with pale grey/green shingles but that was obviously never meant to be! But in the end it just felt right so rather than dither any longer I just took the plunge and went for it! The following photos show the finally colour choice. I have also finished the roof trim and the fancy apex pieces. There are even beautiful rugs on the porch and portico floors.

I have put it on a turntable that Judith (In Some Small Way) sells and it fits just right. I do however need to do something with the turntable - paint it or decorate it in some way.

It just needs furnishing now! I have started building up my furniture kits (again from In Some Small Way) ready. They are all designed specially for this house and each comes with a little bit of the beautiful story about the house and its inhabitants. But these are going to wait as I have a new project that I got for Christmas, Frostys Snowman Shop, but more about that in the next post!


Liesl said...

oveHi There
Fab job! I've also been putting together the Pickett Hill from Judith, and it really is the most exquisite kit in the world.
If you look on there is a lovely garden board that you can put together to put the house on....

The Pin Factory said...

Hi Liesl
How lovely to hear from you. I have no idea how to reply to comments on my blog so am posting here too. Thanks for the info, Judith has sent me some grass and hedges and my fence and gate is in the post so hopefully I shall be landscaped soon. Just out of interest how did you come across my blog - its all still very new to me!

Liesl said...

Hi Claire
Found you when doing a google search on Pickett Hill. I fell in love with the Betterleys work after discovering their miniatures way back in March last year, and wanted to order some pieces. At that stage, they had an Ebay shop, but unfortunately I'm in South Africa, and cannot order off Ebay. I then discovered Judith, and have been ordering the 1/12th scale Lydia Pickets for the past year, and my Hubby and Mum pooled together and bought me the Pickett Hill House as a combined birthday and Christmas present. Blogging is just as new to me, it's something that has not really taken off in South Africa (except as an open forum to complain about absolutely everything!) I don't even know how to set up a blog for myself!! I've marked your site as a favourite and will keep on popping in to see the progress of Frosty's!

The Pin Factory said...

Hi Leisl
Judiths brilliant isn't she. I orginally thought I had to order from Sean but then discovered Judith and she just sorted everything out. I have hounded her with questions as Pickett Hill is my 1st kit of any sort let alone one so small - but I have loved it so much. As for setting up a blog its quite easy really, if you look on my blog page you should be able to just click on Create Blog - thats how I started by doing that from a friends blog, and it tells you exactly how to do it. I would love to see the miniatures that you are making too.

Doreen said...

I just love the Pickett Hill - I think it isone of the nicest dollhouses. Yours is coming along really well.

Sandra from Sydney said...

Claire it's lovely to go back and again see your completed Pickett Hill. You have made it so beautifully, and now I know that it's your first miniature house I am even more impressed by your expertise.
Luv, Sandie