Thursday, 12 February 2009

Frostys Shop

Today I finished the building for Frostys. I am really pleased with it. As seems to be the case with Robin Betterleys kits, everything has fitted together perfectly. The roof lifts off and the front slides open so that you can arrange the inside. Its a great feeling when you stand back and see what you have achieved. Judith had sent me some glamour dust, something I had never used before, you sprinkle it on wet paint to give a wonderful, glittery sparkle. I loved it so much that I have used it all over the place, on a lot of the internal pieces, the icicle roof trims and the finials. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to show up very well on the photographs, neither does the sparkle glaze that I have painted over the blue.

I then went on to do a little more on the furniture for the inside. I decided to make the 2 glass tables. This was far trickier than anticipated. I used E6000 glue as suggested in the instructions, instead of my usual Aleene Tacky Glue (which personally I think is THE best glue!!). The smell of this glue is truly horrible and it is the gloopiest glue I have ever used. I found it really quite difficult to manipulate which is a real trial when working on something so small. But with perseverance I got there in the end!! I have tried to photograph these tables but being clear they don't show up very well. They are next to a normal sized pencil to give you an idea of size.

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Anonymous said...

Claire - it is coming along great! I looks like a real nice piece and those little tables are so cute.