Tuesday, 10 February 2009

New Books

I discovered a new website this week, Petite Properties http://www.petite-properties.50megs.com/index.html . The miniature buildings are wonderful. I have only built in 1:48th (quarter scale) so far - I love the tiny detail, and I noticed that they are soon to bring out a series of properties to build in that scale so I shall keep checking back.

I did however buy their set of books on how to build 1:24th scale furniture - without woodworking skills!!! These books are truly wonderful. It will open up possibilities for me to design my own furniture instead of only buying kits. I cannot believe how simple and inexpensive the techniques are. They will be bringing out a book on making a building too - so there will be somewhere to house everything you make out of the books. There is a book of kitchens, one for sitting rooms and one for bedrooms. In the kitchen book there is even a very realistic Aga made from various thicknesses of cardboard, buttons and believe it or not a drinking straw!!!!

Whilst on the subject of new websites the Betterleys have revamped their website and it is looking great. I have updated the link to the new site. http://www.robinbetterley.com/y.com/ .

Frostys sat for a few days untouched as I was unsure how the blue I had painted the shop walls really tied in with the pale grey/green on the internal artwork. Eventually I emailed Judith from 'In Some Small Way' (as I always do when in need of advice) and she said to go with it as the border along the top of the back wall will tie it all together. So I did just that, and she was so right, it all sits together very nicely now. The shop front and sides are finished and the floor and back wall are ready with the artwork applied. I just need to put them together to make the shop! I love this stage when it changes from a flat piece to something three dimensional and really starts to take on an atmosphere of its own.

And lastly I spent yesterday painting some dominoes ready to turn into, brooches, pendants and books to put in my esty shop. I shall post again when they are finished and ready to go up for sale.


Anonymous said...

I never knew dominoes could be so beautiful.

The Pin Factory said...

Thanks Doreen - I paint them on both sides so the backs are just as nice but the dots show through and then I stamp them. :-)