Monday, 23 February 2009

Furniture for Frostys and Domino Draw

This weekend I have been working on some of the furniture to go in Frostys Shop. I had already glued these pieces together but have now painted and added the artwork. The closet and the 2 chests of drawers need their handles. The closet also needs the totes on the shelves. The totes are made and painted but I still need to add the artwork. This scale is difficult to photograph - so I apologise for the image! I shall have to dust off the other camera and see if I can do better.

I have also finished the doors to the changing rooms (one for gentlemen and one for ladies) and the icicle shelf so will be able to finish the fixings inside the shop this week - ready to start putting the furniture in. There is now an ever so slight feel of spring on its way - things are budding in the garden - so I shall have to get on and finish the shop before all the snowmen totally melt and there is no 'Frosty' to come and visit the shop!

Today was the day for the domino draw and we have two winners.

Draw number 1 winner is Lenna Andrews from the US, and she will be receiving this domino brooch.
Lenna - this domino brooch will soon be on its way to you.

Draw number 2 winner is Liesl Kleu from South Africa, and she will be receiving this domino brooch.

Liesl - this domino brooch will be on its way to you.
Thank you to everyone who entered.

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Lenna Andrews said...

thank you so much, Claire! Now a few days have passed and I have this beautiful, colourful Domino in my hand. I must say it is simply wonderful! I love the colours. : ))) lenna