Thursday, 30 July 2009

144th Scale house Complete!

I have finished my first ever 144th scale house! It is called Duck Cottage by Templewood Miniatues. It was a new experience to have to decorate the inside before even starting the build. I added a door knob both on the front door and on the understairs cupboard! I used wallpaper from which is specially sized for 144th scale. The front of the house lifts off with the roof attched to it to get inside. I will now have to attempt to furnish it! I have to say that I don't think that it looks particularly realistic. I looks more like a very small dollshouse. Maybe it will go in the French house at a later date! I have put an English penny next to the house in some of the photos to give an idea of scale!

This photo shows how the whole house had to be decorated before being put together. It was a real task to make sure that my wallpaper matched up on all walls for the upstairs room! It was also a real problem with the pieces warping as they were painted. I tried to do both sides together to reduce this and dried them under something heavy!
This photo shows the house before the 2nd side wall went on so that you can see into into it. The upstairs room has grooved wood stained floor and the downstairs has stone slates carved on.

This is the house with all three sides on, this is how it looks when you lift the roof and front off to see inside.

This is the house apart with the roof and front lifted off.

I have to say that although I am pleased with the result for my 1st attempt I would prefer it to look more realistic.


Joey's Dream Garden said...

It looks lovely! Very neat. I can see what you mean by dollshouse, I think it's partly the proportions of the door and windows to the size of the house, and the very simple outside decoration. But it's so tiny - which is the lovely thing about it. Well done, my dear!
Joey xx

Sandra from Sydney said...

Claire, what a great job you've done with those tiny pieces. Love the stairs and the detail inside. So fiddly but so well done. Yes, it is simple outside - perfect for a 'dollshouse for a dollshouse' but a lovely project. Congratulations! Sandra.