Saturday, 1 August 2009

Woodland Cabin

The Woodland Cabin is a class that I am taking with The Quarter Connection, which is an online group. We had the choice of either a beach house or a woodland cabin, I chose the woodland option because I am already building the Sea Shanty, which comes on the same type of wharf as the Beach Hut. It is 48th scale and only arrived yesterday morning.

I have to admit I forgot to photograph the cabin at the stage before I started applying the shingles so there is 2 rows of shingles at the bottom!

This is the cabin from the side to give an idea of how deep it is.

And here is the inside of the cabin.

This is the front completely covered in shingles. I will trim the edges and cut out the window and door when the glue is totally dry.

The kit was put together by Luci Hanson from Hanson Minis. It is absolutely lovely. The wood feels really sturdy and the shingles are made from real wood! I can see that I am going to love building this.


Joey's Dream Garden said...

This looks very nice! Just the sort of place I'd like to take a holiday in, will you be renting it out when it's finished? ;-)

Joey xx

Sandra from Sydney said...

You have certainly be busy - this is another great project. Lends itself to all kinds of decorating and landscaping - what is the 'story' for it? Is it a holiday retreat or is it lived in all year round vbg? It's looking really good.