Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Cabin Fever

I have been working really hard on the Woodland Cabin these last few weeks. It has taken a lot of jigging about as I am not used to kits that are not laser cut, and this is the first time I have had to cut pieces to fit. Also as it was a class the instructions were not as in depth as I am used to, as a lot was to be done in the classroom, which unfortunately I wasn't able to make it to. But despite these drawbacks (and with a lot of help and advice from Judith as always) I am really pleased with how it is coming out. Here are some photos of how it has been going.

The Cabin fully shingled and trimmed.

The inside of the cabin before decorating.

I decided to use a wood stain on the wooden shingles instead of painting them as I loved the grain so much I didn't want to cover it up. You can also see just a glimpse of the faux wood wallpaper inside. This is the one that came with the kit. Although once I had finished wallpapering I wasn't keen, it didn't seem to sit right with the colour of wood stain that I had chosen for the outside.

Here is the cabin with the roof on and shingled. The chimney attached. The door, window and corner trims have been painted and added. I have built the window and the door frame, but the door itself is a grandt line door.

This is a side view of the cabin showing the chimney and the corner trims.

This shows the inside of the cabin with its new wallpaper and floors. I felt this complimented the colour of the external wood stain better than the original one. The 2nd floor is now in place and the wall divider.

You can see the back of the roof in this photo. I haven't trimmed the shingles yet.

I have built the front porch and painted the parts that I want blue, but it is not yet attached and needs shingling. The porch floor is unstained pine veneer.

And finally a side view of the porch.

I have yet to decide what to use on the roof shingles. I feel that more wood stain might be 'too much' so maybe I will use a blue wash to compliment the paintwork but still show the wood grain. Watch this space !!!!


Doreen said...

The woodland cabin is going to be great when it is finished. I love the shingles on the outside walls and the porch will cetainly give a great finish to the outside.

Joey's Dream Garden said...

Wowee! Beautiful work! I can't wait to see it in person again! You've spent so much time & care on this & it shows. I really like the shade of blue you've used, very nice. Now, you just have to make some 144th scale quilts! :D hee hee only joking! or am I?... :-)
Joey xx

Sandra from Sydney said...

The cabin is looking beautiful, and the blue really sets it off nicely. The detail is excellent and your painstaking work is showing - great work.