Saturday, 29 August 2009

Busy Day

I decided that a blue wash was definitely what I wanted for my cabin roof so I set too and painted it.

I then shingled the porch roof and painted that too.

Inside I have built and painted both the upstairs bannisters and the ladder. They are not glued in yet because I want to put my furniture in first.

I then went on to build my first 144th scale furniture. Which I have really enjoyed doing. They are quite fiddly but with plenty of advice from Judith I have managed.

I built the Nautical bench first. I shall paint this at a later date. It is sitting on a 20p to give an idea of scale.

I then went on to build the table, this was a bit harder the legs are so skinny and delicate. I stained the pieces with wood stain first. Again I have photographed it next to a 20p.

This is a Tudor Ice Cabinet, which I also stained before building.

And lastly a Tudor chest of drawers. This needs painting and maybe even some drawer handles!!!
I have also been working on the Artist Cabinet for Pickett Hill. Having painted it the other day I have put all the artwork on this afternoon - which, as always with the Betterleys, is just gorgeous!
So a busy miniature building day!!!


Joey's Dream Garden said...

OMG Claire!!! That is lovely! the colours are really nice, when can I move in? :D The furniture is exquisite, so so tiny!! I see you're putting your new camera to good use! It's fantastic for tiny things, isn't it? Can't wait to see some more pics of the furniture 'in situ'! :D
Joey xxx

Sandra from Sydney said...

The blue wash on the shingles is perfect! What a great finish. And the furniture is looking excellent too - isn't it fun to make those tiny things! Well done, Claire, you have been really busy and I am looking forward to seeing all the 'bits' in place.