Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Baby Houses !

My latest obsession has been Dutch Baby Houses. I saw one totally by accident on someones picture trail and just loved the whole concept of a little cupboard that opened up into a house!
Having done a tiny bit of research I found out that the first Dollshouse recorded in history was in Bavaria in the late sixteenth centuary and belonged to Albrecht V, Duke of Bavaria. This house is now known as 'The Munich Baby House' . There is also one in the Rijksmuseum and a painting of how it was originally. These Baby Houses were not built as toys but as a way of showing off wealth.

This research soon turned into a hunt for 'just the right' Baby House. As readers of my blog will know - the pleasure for me is 'in the building and the creating' and not 'in the having'. So although there are a few Baby Houses out there to buy at various prices - I wanted one that I could take my time over, enjoying every single stroke of paint! You will be pleased to know that I have now found the perfect Baby House for me. It has just arrived at http://www.insomesmallway.co.uk/ which is my absolute favourite miniatures shop - THE best customer service imaginable and a always a wonderful choice! The order has been placed and now I just have to sit tight until I can collect it at Miniatura in October. The photo here is of the finished kit. If you want to see inside you will either have to go to Judiths website or call back here to see mine as its done!

On the whole they need furniture just slightly larger than 144th scale - nearer 120th scale.

This whole process has started quite a train of thought! Everytime I look at a cupboard, whether miniature or lifesize I see it as a potential house and wonder where I would put everything and what style of decor and furnishings it would need. So I have an awful feeling that it will not end with this one Baby House!

Anyway just for some fun I decided to do another Etsy treasury - all to do with cupboards!!! Its amazing what you can find. One particular seller on Etsy that I have included in this treasury http://www.mesp2k.etsy.com/ has some beautiful 12th scale cupboards that would make really unusual Baby Houses. I also love the stuff in http://www.ozarkprim.etsy.com/ .
Please click on the photo to see everything properly.

I have quite a number of projects on the go at the moment - which is how I like it. But I thought my next Blog post should maybe be an update as to where they are all at. So watch this space!

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