Sunday, 27 September 2009

144th Scale Garden Room

Here are the latest photos of my 144th scale garden room.

The whole room and garden against a ruler for scale.

This is the room balanced on the lid of a small pot of paint. You can just about see the french doors into the garden.

Here you can see the brick work of the main external walls this goes all the way round. The garden walls are stucco.

Another angle through the garden archway.

The corner fireplace. I have wallpapered the chimney breast so that it will blend into the room. I have used printed brickwork left over from the external walls to put at the back of the fireplace.
This is the fireplace propped into place in the corner of the room.

Here is a shot of the whole of the room with the fireplace propped in.

The whole room with the garden against a ruler for scale.


Joey's Dream Garden said...

Hiya Claire!
Wow! Soooo tiny! It's looking very nice. I'm starting to imagine all my furniture in there, where I'll put an armchair etc... I'll be very happy in there I think! (hee hee never can resist being a daftie!)
Joey xxxx

Liesl said...

Hey Claire
It's really lovely, your patience is admirable!! I'm really battling with the 48 inch scale, so anything smaller may well cause me to tear my hair out. I love the little Garden Room though - is it your own idea?

The Pin Factory said...

Hi Liesl
Lovely to hear from you! The Garden Room was a kit that I got at a special price from the Micro Minis weekend convention. Its designed by Liz Smith and the link is

Although all the brick work and wallpaper I got from a free online page and the stucco effect I did by mixing sand with the paint. hugs x