Sunday, 10 January 2010

Happy New Year!

This year is already looking full of creative excitement! I have so many new projects planned and all the wonderful things that I have carried through from last year to work on as well. I know that I share all sorts of projects on my blog and then they must seem to disappear never to be mentioned again! Trust me they are all still being worked on and enjoyed. I love to have lots of different things going on - that way you can pick and choose what you are in the mood for working on. So I apologise to those of you who follow this blog in order to see the development of one particular project because I do jump about a lot!
Having not touched my Sea Shanty for quite sometime I woke up one morning last week and absolutely had to spend the day wallpapering it. Having had a decor dilemma I suddenly knew just how I wanted it. So it is now wallpapered! Hooray! It is sitting on the side with the bedroom ceiling painted green - whilst I contemplate whether green was the right way to go - once I am happy with that the roof will go on and the beams will be put in.
Pickett Hill is still my most treasured miniature and is slowly but surely being furnished. I did some work on it this morning. I really should have got on and finished the Artists studio and Emmas' bed that are oh so nearly finished but no I was in the mood for making Robbies' room!!! So that said here are some pictures of what I have done this morning.
This is Robbies' bed before the artwork and decking is added. I loved building this - lots of sanding and that always makes me feel like I am really getting stuck in!

Here is the bed with the artwork and decking added but no mattress or bedding - that will have to wait! I have also finished the play table and the nightstand!
And here is Robbies cupboard. I still need to build the wooden boxes that slot into some of the cubby holes.

I shall put these into the house. I will post some more pictures when I have finished the bedding and the boxes.
The woodland cabin is popped to one side for now until I get the urge to work on that one!

The 144th scale garden room is finished but still unfurnished! I finished the couch and the cupboard but unfortunately they appear to be far too big compared to the bench and table that I have made for the garden - so a bit more thought needs to go into that one. But just to let you see the furniture here is a photo of the finished couch and cupboard next to the hydrangea that I made for the garden.

And here is the couch next to the garden bench!!!

The vintage dolls houses are still awaiting renovation as it is FAR too cold in the barn for me in Winter so I think that will be a Summer project!

The french house has its lights in but not much else as of yet!

As for the Baby House it is looked at on a daily basis but has not been started on yet - just adored in its box!

And just a little bit of eye candy to finish the post on here is the gorgeous little suitcase that Joey gave me for Christmas (along with another absolutely gorgeous 144th room box).

And what's inside I hear you ask..........


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Joey's Dream Garden said...

Hiya! I'm going to love looking at all the tiny tiny furnitures! I love that little bed for the sea shanty. I can just see that sea shanty at Carbis Bay I think, just shrink me down to Mrs Pepperpot proportions and I'll take up residence! I don't care if its not finished! :D
Oh and anyone who DOESN'T like buttons is BORRRRING!! :D tee hee!
Joey xx