Monday, 22 February 2010

The Baby House is Wallpapered

I have wallpapered my Baby House and I am really pleased with how it has turned out. The wallpapers supplied by Judith in the kit are just divine and perfect for the look that I wanted. Seeing as it is ALL THINGS FRENCH right now with me it is only right that the Baby House follows suit - so lucky me that the feel of the papers included are just that - very french feeling!

This is it so far. As you may have noticed it is no longer matt ivory but is glossy and white! I had a total change of heart and decided that this was a better way to go. The door paper that came with the cabinet goes so much better with white as do all the papers inside.
SO there was a bit of a rehaul!

Here is a close up of the rooms. Starting from top left they will be as follows:
Bedroom, Bedroom
Library, Dining Room
Kitchen, Sitting Room
I still need to wallpaper the landings, put in all the floorings and of course the stairs!
Left Bedroom

Right Bedroom

Dining Room

Sitting Room

I shall continue taking photographs as I go along and hopefully it will be this week that I do the landings, floorings and stairs.
It has been a busy week again and the Etsy shop has had quite a bit of traffic so please feel free to pop by and see what is there because on the whole I tend not blog about the things I make to sell, only the projects that are most definitely for me so go and have a look at the photographs.
I have been working on some little quiltie blocks following a new technique of rolled edging that I have never tried before as taught by Tammy Gilley. I am going to be hand quilting them, also taught by Tammy Gilley, in a way I have never used before - very exciting and I will hopefully have photos here for you later in the week.

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Joey's Dream Garden said...

HIya Claire!
It's beautiful already! When do I get the keys? ;-) I love the paper in the library, like real little books. Nice!

OH and where are the pics of the quilt?? ;-) can't wait to see this rolled edge technique, I've never heard of that!
J xx