Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The Flooring is in.....

I have as promised put the flooring's in my Baby House and finished the wallpapering in the hallways! I am really pleased with how it has worked out. The various shades of blue carpet came with the Baby House kit as did the beautiful wooden floor paper for the kitchen. I decided not to use carpet in the hallways though as I wanted to have a tiled entrance hall. Firstly I tried the black and white tiles on all three landings but that was just too much. So then I tried the two upper floors as wooden flooring and that wasn't right either. After much messing about and lots of hallway floor being cut and then discarded I settled on this arrangement which I am really pleased with. The two upper hallways are papered with the wallpaper that came with the kit but I used the paper that is supposed to be the liner for the drawers as the wallpaper in the entrance hall because I wanted a softer look.

Entrance Hall close up

I painted the stairs with a very thin wash of white because the treads are not very deep at all and I didn't want to lose any definition. I also think that the top hallway needs something as there are no stairs. The kit comes with a grandfather clock which sits on the landing in the photo but I am wondering whether to add a window and maybe a lovely house plant - some thought will need to go into that. Now I need to decide whether to get the cabinet itself finished or carry on with the rooms and start to furnish.

I mentioned in my last post that I had been learning some new quilting techniques from Tammy Gilley. I have now finished the rolled edges on 3 blocks but I haven't started the quilting yet but as a teaser of what is to come here is a photo of the blocks so far. All my favourite colours. I am not going to divulge how I did this as it is Tammys technique and she deserves the credit. You are however welcome to go and visit http://www.joggles.com/ and check out their online classes, which I have done on and off for a few years and always absolutely loved. Tammy is one of the teachers there.

My yummy quiltie blocks with their deliciously fat rolled edges!

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Liesl Kleu said...

Hey Claire
Wow, it's the cutest little thing I have ever seen! I LOVE it! The French look is so sophisticated and stylish. So teeny though - would look good in my French house as a piece of proper furniture!! Btw, at last I have started my own blog - pop over and have a look when you can.