Sunday, 14 February 2010

Baby House

I have finally started my Baby House. I bought it from at the Miniatura Show in October and have been desperate to start on it ever since. It is a 12th scale Baby House which will be furnished in 144th scale. Yesterday I managed to begin.

The unpainted wooden Baby House.

The inside of the Baby House.

I love this piece of furniture and as I have said in previous posts I love the history behind these cabinets.

Firstly I sanded the whole cabinet down. Then I painted it with a coat of undercoat and sanded again. This was then followed by a coat of matt ivory paint and sanded yet again. Sanding inbetween each coat is so important to get the smmoth finish that gives a lovely tactile feel to the piece. I will keep adding coats of the ivory and sanding until I get the finish that I am happy with.

I have painted the insides and fronts of the drawers but not the sides or bottoms so that they will still pull out smoothly.

This is such a wonderful cabinet to work on, I cannot wait to start the inside decorations and furnishings.

I have also completed a few things which are now for sale in my Etsy shop, so please pop over and have a look what is for sale.


Sandra Morris said...

I have one very similar to yours which I bought ages ago and have yet to start.

I'll be interested to see how yours develops and perhaps I'll be inspired to unearth mine and have a go!

Joey's Dream Garden said...

Just too gorgeous!! :D I love it!! But I don't think I want to live in a cupboard, even one as adorable as this... ;-)
J xx