Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Beautiful Things

Winter is still here but my mind is definitely on Spring!

This morning brought some beautiful things in the post and I thought I would share them along with the tulips and snowdrops on my windowsill. Also the new magazine I bought at the weekend full of wonderful embroidery!

Brown paper packages tied up with string ....

The first installment of The Birchwood Collectors Club from The Betterleys. I have to say it is so beautiful I cannot wait to start building it. I haven't photographed the contents because I would hate to spoil the surprise for those who haven't got theirs yet.

A wonderful 24th scale Baby House.

This has come from http://www.insomesmallway.co.uk/ and is truly amazing. I have photographed it next to the tea cup for scale. It is so much smaller than you would expect.

A close up to appreciate the detail.

The inside, even though it is so tiny it still has doorways and stairs!

These baby jar terrariums were inspired by a post on http://www.craftstylish.com/ now I just need to make some little houses to go in them!

A touch of pink tulips to make spring feel a little closer, and of course snowdrops. The snowdrops are planted in vintage tea cups with a topping of moss.

The snow drops are on their way.

Spring can't be too far away.

Inspirations magazine.

I have only just discovered this and it is just lovely. It is fairly expensive as it comes from Australia but inside it is full of wonderful things and lots of beautiful photography of projects and stitches.


Joey's Dream Garden said...

It's all beautiful!! I love the baby house, too lovely! I want to shrink down like Mrs Pepperpot & live there! :D Hey and that's the mag I've got!

Hey I think you've overtaken me with number of posts so far this year, I'd better catch up! :D

Joey xxx

Tantie said...

Oh love that Birchwood and will start on mine soon hopefully. Those terreriums (sp) in a jsr are just so perfect for so many of the small and micro scale things. Care to share the how I did that?
As usual you blow me away with all you do.