Sunday, 7 February 2010

Garden Room 144th Scale

I have finished my 144th scale Garden Room. My first totally complete 144th scale project! I have absolutely loved making this room.
Full Room

An English 10p for scale.

A peek towards the fireplace.

A view from above.

The Garden from above.

A peek into the garden through the arch.

I started with a kit for the basic room, which I bought from Liz Smith during a weekend convention with the Micro Miniatures group on yahoo. This kit is available from . The corner fireplace kit is also available from Liz Smith too. The wallpaper was a printie from the same yahoo group.

All the furniture kits are from Judith at and so are the plant kits.

1 comment:

Sandra from Sydney said...

This is beautiful Claire, and so tiny even though I have no idea what size the coin is. I wish I could enlarge the photos to see more clearly. Love your work!!