Saturday, 27 February 2010

Stairs for the French House

Today I decided to build the stairs for my 24th scale French house. As usual I never do things in the order that they should probably be done in, I do them as and when I feel like it!!! SO even though I have no windows or a front door, I felt like working on the entrance hall. Probably because putting those lovely black and white tiles in the entrance hall of the Baby House set my imagination going.

I had bought three 24th scale stairs kits from Judith a while back, because I didn't like the stairs that came with my house kit. The original had no stair treads and a solid side. I wanted an older more open look with the stairs.

I used various acrylic paints on the stairs. I painted the main part of the stairs firstly with 'titan buff' and then brushed over the top with cream. I also used these colours for the newel posts, the banister, and the balusters.
I sanded the treads so that they were rounded at the edges as they were originally square. I then dry brushed them with burnt umber and then again with dove grey to give a softer wood look. I sealed them with a matt varnish.
The stairs - they still need a newel post at the bottom.

A close up of the top newel pot.

You can see the rounded edges here.

I then decided to put the stairs into the entrance hall to see how they would look. So I cut the black and white tiles to fit that I had already chosen and placed the stairs in to see how they looked.

The stairs in the hallway and the lovely tiles.
You can see the light is already in but not properly fitted yet. Just to the left is the Settle that I built a while ago from a Jane Harrop kit. I have a couple of wallpapers that I have ready for this house so now I need to decide which one I will use here. Then it will be the skirting boards and the coving!

A glance of the top of the stairs on the middle landing.
I have also started on the dining room for my Baby House. This is 120th scale same as the kitchen. The cupboard has no doors on yet as I will be filling it with things first. Also it will all be painted.

The 120th scale dining room for the Baby House.


Joey's Dream Garden said...

OH WOW you big show-off you!! Those stairs are just gorgeous!! But they look highly polished, I might slip if I go down them in just my socks... ;-) They look lovely my dear, nice work!!
Joey xxxx

Liesl Kleu said...

Mmm, I can see I have a lot of catching up to do! My French house is no where near as far as yours. The staircase looke lovely, and the black and white tiled floor is tres chic!I really admire your patiencde to work in these tiny scales - the baby house really is to die for - I WANT ONE!!