Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Quiltie Blocks

I have done some more on my little quiltie blocks. I have been hand quilting them with various styles taught by Tammy Gilley. Each block is to represent something that makes me smile! There is a fourth block but it is stuck with edges rolled but no quilting, as each time I go to pick it up inspiration fails me. So I have set it to one side until it returns!


minis and crafting

my garden

Note the little quiltie pocket on the Home block - Tammy says we are going to put a little luggage tag in it - I can't wait! I love the feeling of fabric when it has been quilted. Now it is time for embellishing - buttons, beads and what not! Also I will hopefully be struck with inspiration for my fourth block!
I have also been working on some more 120th scale furniture for my Baby house.

A desk for the library. This is stained but still awaiting drawer handles.
This is the first bedroom furniture, a dressing table, an armoire and a chair.
The dressing table needs its mirror, the armoire need its doors and the chair needs its upholstery and it all needs painting.

This is the second bedroom, dressing table, chest of drawer, night stand and wardrobe.

Again the dressing table needs its mirror, the drawers all need their handles, the wardrobe needs its doors and it all needs painting.

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