Thursday, 25 March 2010

Clock and Farms

The souvenir piece from this years Micro Minis Covention is a grandfather clock.But of course not any old grandfather clock!! This one contains two little room boxes that can be seen through windows in the front of the clock. And it doesn't stop there! They are lit! Really lit! Little light bulbs and everything! Having had such a dreadful time with the wiring for the lights in 24th scale on the French House I was dreading the prospect of doing it all again in 144th scale! But to my surprise it turned out to be SO much easier! The instructions were very clear (thank goodness) but it was actually very straight forward. Now its the really hard part of deciding what to put in the rooms!!!

The Finished Clock!

The lights on!

A close up of the room lit.

The back of the clock with the light switch.

The back off the clock - look at all that wiring!

One of the removable room boxes.

Having achieved the electrics on the clock I felt that I could manage anything so I dived straight into thatching the rooves of my little farm! Rita says in her instructions 'I am sorry to say that this is a messy job.' and she wasn't kidding! My fingers are still sticking to the keyboard as I type! It was fun though and whats a bit of mess when there's minis to be done? Here are my rooves in all their thatched glory! I have to admit that my mantra throughout the entire process has been 'its amazing what you can cover with landscaping' so expect lots of creepers!!!

The farmhouse.

The farmhouse from above.

The stables.

The scene so far.
I think the next thing will be the door and windows for the farmhouse - then perhaps some grass and definitely a hedge and then the eagerly awaited pond - those pesky ducks are getting very impatient!

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Joey's Dream Garden said...

I can't get over how productive you are at the moment!! You creative woman, you! The grandfather clock is fantastic, I can't wait to see what the rooms are going to look like, and the lights in them are fantastic!!
I love the thatched roofs! They look really good and very neat, so I can't imagine the mess! It was definitely worth it. :-)
Joey xx