Sunday, 28 March 2010

Craft Fair

Yesterday was a lovely sunny day and just right for a train ride to Sheffield to have a look round the craft fair at the Millennium Gallery.

One stall by Sarah Culleton was absolutely beautiful. She was very kind and said that she didn't mind us taking a photograph. Luckily Joey had her camera as her photographs always turn out so much better than mine!

If you missed the fair you must visit her shop I would have quite happily purchased large quantities of hair grips - unfortunately I was born with very fine hair and in all my 38 years I have never found a hair slide that will stay put!

The one thing I did purchase was from TreeFall Design. She had a stall full of things made from totally delicious fabrics. The bunnies that you may have seen in Country Living Magazine last month were there in all their glory. I however went for a squirrel. I tried to not buy him, I walked away and looked round everything else I even went for a brew - but the draw was too much we were meant to be together so I had to make a dash back to her stall and buy the little fellah!

So let me introduce to...... drum roll please.....

Seymour Gnutsford Boothroyd (silent G obviously!)

or as my better half has taken to calling him Seymour Gnuts

He made me take a photo of both sides as he says they are equally worthy of admiration.

Here is Seymour admiring the work of one of his favourite artists Hans Hoffmann!

TreeFall designs also won the award for having my favourite business card!

Here is the link for you to see her blog and then onto the shop.

I think with Spring being well and truly all around us I can see there being much squirrel mischief to follow!

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Joey's Dream Garden said...

Hiya Claire
It was a lovely day yesterday, too much excitement in fact... so much crafty loveliness, I'm so glad I went!
Joey xx