Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Ritas Farm is taking shape.

I have been working on the landscape for Ritas Farm. Its so much fun at this scale as it quickly takes shape and starts to look really lived in! I can't wait to add the animals!
Firstly here is the farmhouse. I have added the windows, which I added little bits of lace that I had left over from Flint Cottage behind the little perspex squares. I painted the door a darker blue and added that too. Then lastly the creeper across the sides of the house. I tried to pick out the purple flecks from the flower packet in an attempt to make it look like wisteria!
Next I started landscaping the baseboard. Following Ritas instructions I had already painted it green. Then you have to decide where to put your buildings and mark them on in pencil. The grass is then glued on where there are no buildings. The path is made from tiny bits of real slate and then the flowers are growing in a border in front of the house and down either side of the path, apart from a little bit where I have left a gap so that you can get to the pond to feed the ducks without trampling on any flowers!
The bedding is little bits of the thatching chopped up - so the pigs and the horses won't be getting cold.

Lastly I am trying to make the pond. So far I have cut out the tinfoil and added a couple of colours, a dark blue and a grey. Then I have dolloped some Gel Medium on top - I am now waiting for it to dry to see if it has turned out ok - we will see!

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Joey's Dream Garden said...

Hey this is looking good! It didn't have the flowers on when I saw it... I really like the gap for the route to the duck pond!
Very nice missy!
Joey x