Monday, 26 April 2010

Coffee Tables and Chimneys

I ended up finding some time to work on the library furniture for my Baby House last night and then again this morning. I have built the coffee table and the two end tables. Susans instructions suggest that you can try and use the spacer, that is usually glued to the bottom of the table to show you where to place the legs, as a lower shelf. So I did just that and am really pleased with the results. I put the legs at a slight angle to try and give it a more elegant feel. I stained them all with a wood stain pen.

Here is the coffee table on a UK 10p for scale.

Here is the coffee table at an angle so you can see the legs and shelf.

Here are the end tables with the coffee table.

This is the sofa and chair that is meant for the library. I have to put my hand up and admit that I made a bit of a mess with this kit. Firstly I didn't realise how squishy the wood block that makes the base was and I pressed nice and firmly to glue the fabric to it and squashed it!! That's why there is only one chair in the photo. Then I accidentally glued all the arms on the wrong way round - so they are really high instead of lower than the back! oops! Hmmmm Maybe scatter cushions are the way to go from here!

As promised here are the photos of our chimney painted a lovely 'bright spring green' !

It has previously always been white - but I have to say I am loving it being green! Now I have the perfect excuse to make new cushion covers!!!!

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Joey's Dream Garden said...

Bad luck on the armchair! Well, you live & learn, don't you? The rest is looking great, and the coffee table is SO TEENY-TINY!! I will never get bored of saying that!

Oh and THE BREAST! Looks lovely in that shade of green, nice one Clive! Very similar colour to the celery I'm currently eating!

Joey xx