Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Treasures and Furniture Arrangements

I posted a few days ago about the Etsy shop Frost it Pink. Well my little package of delight from Nana's attic arrived this morning. It is just gorgeous and I want to keep it just as it is and not separate everything, or use it, as it all looks so wonderful together. Although I know when 'just the right project' comes along I will be pinching this and that out of the packet!!!

It arrived all bundled up in delicate pale pink tissue paper tied up with a pale pink organza ribbon.

I opened up the tissue paper to find a little crinkly bag sealed with a beautiful piece of ribbon pinned down with a sparkly vintage hat pin.

I didn't want to take it out it all looked so lovely - but of course I did!

The contents all spilled out in a jumble of delicious vintage pinkness!

It all goes so beautifully together!

The old crumpled cheese cloth, the stained paper tickets, the rusted bells and the lovely pink buttons.

What a total delight! Thank you Amy for such a special little package.

I mentioned that I had been working on the furniture for the library in my Baby House. Well I felt the need this morning to pop the furniture into the baby house to see how it was looking.

Here is the library.
The desk is almost hiding at the back and needs drawer knobs. Also I need to make a chair for it. I haven't put any cushions on the suite yet either. It does give a feel for how it will look though.

...and the kitchen.
There is still a lot of work to do on the sink unit. The dresser needs door knobs and items to go on the shelves. I haven't put the chairs in yet either. I keep swapping things around as I am not sure of where everything is to go. The kitchen that came with the Baby House is quite modern and I wanted an older feel so I added the dresser and haven't made the wall units etc. Some more thought needs to go into this, maybe once there are accessories added it won't look quite so stark.


Liesl Kleu said...

Hi Claire
So pretty!! It's lovely to get such beautiful parcels! As always, I really admire your patience with the smaller scales, quarter scale is probably as small as I'll end up going!!
Love the grren chimney breast, such a cheerful, happy colour!

The Pin Factory said...

Hi Liesl
Yes lovely parcels are always a treat! The chimney breast is definitely more cheerful and happy now :-)
Claire x