Sunday, 2 May 2010

Blog Changes!

I said on a previous post that I was messing about trying different ways of blogging. As you can see I have changed the general appearance of my blog. I also thought that it might be fun to have some labels down the side so that you can track a single project or scale. My friend Joey has shown me how to do the list of labels so then it was a case of sorting out the labels that I have given various posts. It is only now that I have been looking through all the old posts that I have realised how totally chaotic I am with not only my labelling but with my blogging too! Each post can hold a little bit about several projects at a time. So you may click on a label for all posts about my Baby House but also get lots about other projects too - but if you scan that post you will find something relevant!

It is going to take a while to get all my labelling straight but you will have to bear with me in the meantime, I think I have sorted most of them out.

I have been doing lots of painting on the various pieces of Lydia Pickett furniture that I had built - so no exciting new photographs to show you as of yet. But hopefully soon there will be.

I will also be posting soon about a Tag Book Swap that I have signed up for with Lenna Andrews in the States.

There is a new cupboard waiting to be collaged - I have the plans sorted I just need to pick up the glue :-)

The other exciting news is that there is an antique house on its way as I type. It is a very unusual house that I completely fell in love with. So once that has arrived there will be lots of photos to look at.

So no photos today but plenty on the way.

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

I think your new blog "look" is fantastic, Claire! The organization is tough to do, but really helps to find things later, looks great! And, I am excited to see the tags you are working on for the Tag Book exchange! So happy to have you in that swap : )
xo lenna