Saturday, 8 May 2010

Monsters and Magazines

This morning I went to a Sock Monster workshop with Picky Miss (aka Abi) who makes fabulous creations out of socks. Her website is go and see all her weird and wonderful monsters. The workshop was great fun and it was wonderful seeing the monsters taking shape. Mine did not turn out the way he was meant to but I guess over time I will learn to love him...or maybe to tolerate him!!!

Anyway I suppose I had better introduce the little fella!

He has no name yet. I am hoping that one will attach itself at some point. I now need to raid the sock draw and make more more more!!
Here is a photo of my sock creation alongside Vyctorias, who was also at the workshop. She took this pic on her phone.

My friend Angela and her husband felt the need to celebrate me spending Saturday morning making a sock monster by buying me the most adorable little monster notebook!

Here is the front of the monster note book!

The lovely paper inside looks like this...

Issue 4 of Making Gifts Magazine is out and in it you will find my article on how to create an embroidered pendant using the frames from Frame Craft.

Here is the front cover.

These are the two pendants that are featured.

An Allium

and a Dandelion

The magazine is available online at

I am now working on something new for the next issue. It is a totally different style of article from the usual but you will have to wait for Issue 5 to find out!

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