Sunday, 23 May 2010

Lydia Pickett Dining Room

I have just finished the Dining Room for Pickett Hill and before the glue has even had time to dry I am posting the photos on here!

I still have the cake stand to finish but I couldn't wait to get the furniture into Pickett Hill itself.

There are no other photos just now, I am finishing off a few things that aren't ready yet.
Also the weather amazingly has been so hot here that it is has definitely been a weekend for going nice and slow.


Sandra from Sydney said...

Isn't the Lydia Pickett range just beautiful?!!! I didn't realize that you were getting it in 1:48 scale. Guess what - So am I! Including the house. I had forgotten that you were too, and had always thought that yours was 1:12th scale. Your furniture is looking lovely - well done.

The Pin Factory said...

Hi Sandra
Thank you for your lovely comment. Pickett Hill was my 1st ever miniature and the reason that I started on the slippery slope!! It makes me laugh that you and I build the same projects - we obviously have very similar taste.

Sandra from Sydney said...

Hi Claire, yes we do, don't we! Not only in projects but in scale as well it seems. But it is such a lovely addiction and there's something to see at the end of it; and it's not harmful either lol!