Sunday, 20 June 2010

Our Leaf Cutter Bee

We have two little fountains in our small yard. One of which has an outlet that must be THE perfect size for Leaf Cutter Bees to make their nests. Every year we have a period of time where we cannot use one of the fountains because it is plugged up. I like to imagine that it is the same little bee that comes back year after year, although I have learnt that the adult only lives for about 6 weeks - but even knowing that I shall continue to greet our bee as if it where the same well known friend.

Here is the corner of our little yard where the fountain in question is - look carefully!

Here is a close up through the branches of the rambling rose and the buddleia. That is the hole that our bee is SO very fond of.

Today was the first day this year that we have seen it. I managed to take a photograph as it had to sit down on one of Elliot's fossil collection to catch its breath. Its hard work carrying a piece of greenery bigger than yourself!

The roses are all coming out now and looking fabulous. Here are just a few photos that I took this afternoon.

I have been working on the exterior of my Baby House this weekend - so hopefully my next post will be photographs of that.


Joey's Dream Garden said...

Cute bee! I saw one at yours on Thurs, I'm sure it was the one I was trying to take a picture of...
Lovely roses too! :D
Joey xx

The Pin Factory said...

Its funny you should say that Joey because the bee did say to send its best wishes to you :-)
Claire x

Joey's Dream Garden said...

Well Mr Bee, have you cut as many pieces of leaf as I have of fabric? Which is 85 pieces!! Oh my goodness! At least I don't have to bite it to cut it!! :D
Joey xx

Andrew's Reclaimed said...

great photography too! It's fun t watch the leaf cutters work!