Monday, 21 June 2010

Baby House Exterior

I have finally finished the exterior of my Baby House that I got from In Some Small Way . I love the way it has turned out. I have taken lots of photographs to show all the detail. Also I have included the beautiful jug that I was lucky enough to come across last week that looks just perfect next to it. And of course the flowers are from the garden.

This is such a wonderful cabinet to work on. It is really very easy to get a lovely finish. Now for the furnishings inside the cabinet!


Joey's Dream Garden said...

It's beautiful!! I love how you've taken the photos as well with that jug (I can't remember seeing that - did you get it after thurs??) and the flowers! You need to turn your barn into a little museum for all your minis!! :D
Joey xx

Sandra from Sydney said...

Now that is just beautiful, and what a lovely way to show it off. Very artistic. The jug isd lovely in it's own right and the flowers are so pretty. A delightful baby house in a delightful setting. Well done as always - congratulations!
Sandra (Snippets from my studio)