Sunday, 27 June 2010

Playing in the River

We have had a weekend of BLUE skies. Which is something that cannot be ignored! Therefore there was a need for some serious splashing in the river.

We have a favourite little stretch of river at the moment which is not too far from home. There are several weirs that form a number of pools that are perfect for an 'almost' eight year old to play in.
There is a large stretch of grassy bank to lay out that picnic rug and plenty of trees for shade. No road nearby and no noise apart from the water and the bird song. Perfect.....
We opened our flask of tea and watched the ducklings playing about in the river.

By about eleven the sun was hotting up and it was time to retire to a nearby cafe that has only been open for a few weeks but is already up there on our list of great places to drink tea!

Then it was back home to embroider and to admire the roses. This white one was a bargain leftover from last year that that had lost its label and the garden centre were selling off. Today we found out what it looked like!
These are photos of my rambling rose that grows up the barn in our little yard. Every year it amazes me with the unbelievable amount of blooms it produces. They have all been bursting open this weekend in the sun. It beats any fireworks display I have seen. There are so many buds still waiting to flower.

Also this weekend I have been doing a spot of patchwork. I have had a bundle of fabrics tied up together for quite some time just waiting for that 'perfect' project. Well they are now a curtain for my shelves. Tanglewood Cottage (which you may remember is the old dolls house I bought a little bit back) sits on top of a set of old shelves that I stack loads of cardboard boxes on full of my miniatures stash. For a while I have thought that it doesn't do it justice and something needed to be done. So the pile of special fabrics came out and I have made a patchwork curtain to go around the shelves to 'pretty' it all up. The curtain is finished and I am really pleased how it has turned out and at least now I can see my favourite fabrics. So hopefully it will be in place in the next day or so and I can post some photographs here.


Joey's Dream Garden said...

That bit of stream looks lovely! I reckon a picnic there would be VERY nice! :D Oh and the ducklings are lovely! They're so tame as well! You could have one as a little pet...

The roses are lovely, I really like that new white one, a bargain indeed!

Yes, get that curtain up! I want to see it! Why not use net curtain wire (you know, the sort you can get covered in plastic with a hook at either end, then use screw-in hooks to fix to shelves... here's an example:

JOey xxxx

Sandra from Sydney said...

Sounds an idyllic day - and your roses are beautiful. There's nothing like being out where you can enjoy nature and 'de-stress'; how nice to have such a lovely spot within reach of home.
Sandra (Snippets from my Studio)

The Pin Factory said...

Yes Sandra we are very lucky :-) and Joey I have attached Tape to the top of my curtain to tie it round the shelves to something that Clive is hopefully putting in this evening - so all should be well and bloggable soon.
Claire x