Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Pretty Things

My patchwork that I mentioned in my last post is now hung over the shelves. It could do with a good iron but I am not known for my domestic prowess so you need to ignore the wrinkles :-)

I am really pleased with the final look. It has made more of a feature of Tanglewood Cottage so that it no longer looks like an old house dumped on a shelf but more like the treasured possession that it actually is. Also it hides the ever growing number of boxes of 'stuff' that is accumulating on the shelves below!

Now I just have to finish tidying and organising the craft table itself - which as you can see I have tried very hard NOT to include in the photograph!
After a night of heavy,and I must say LOUD rain, and a morning sky that was very grey it was wonderful to wake up to the beautiful colours of Lenna's Tag Book arriving. It all looks so pretty together. (I wonder if they all have such messy craft tables like me?)

The front was created by Lenna herself, she also bound them all in a book with a ring clip.

This lovely bright pink tag is created by Melissa, and is stunning the way it shines out through all the other tags. Thank you Melissa.

This Hope tag was created by Margariet, I love the deep rich feel of the colours in this tag and the ribbon it is tied with. Thank you Margariet.

This orange tag is created by Vicky and is decorated on both sides. It is practically glowing out of the book - so very beautiful. Thank you Vicky.

This tag is created by Cindy, not only in one of my favourite colours but also an image of a door - which is always a good one for me. Thank you Cindy.

Here is my little tag nestling in the middle.

This tag is created by Barbara, who I have met in previous swaps and also on some of Lenna's online classes that are so incredibly inspirational. Thank you Barbara I love your tag and I am so pleased to have got one from you. We MUST keep meeting like this!

This gold tag is created by Cynthia and is beautifully embellished. Thank you Cynthia.

This tag is created by Rena in memory of her dog Lovey. It is absolutely beautiful and also so very true. Thank you Rena.
The last tag is created by Sarah, such beautiful greens and lots of wonderful embellishments. Thank you Sarah.

Here is the tag book spread out in its entirety. What a wonderful thing to own and to participate in. If you go to Lenna's Swap page you can see what swaps are going on right now!

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Joey's Dream Garden said...

Oh the patchwork curtain is lovely! It is a really good idea to hide all the stuff underneath. All those fabrics are so pretty, I'm really glad that you've got them out and put them to good use!

The tags are beautiful!! A lot of creative people in this little group. Are you going to keep them as a book or hang them on your light-up tree in the window or make into a garland or something to display them?

Joey x