Friday, 2 July 2010

Ritas Quiet Corner

Yesterday I decided to have a play with the 'Quiet Corner' from Rita. It is a 144th scale little landscape that is just so beautiful and petite. Everything is in it from the base to the flowers for landscaping. I carried on with it this afternoon and am so very happy with my little garden so far.
I built the corner on the little glue jig (from Rita too - thank you Rita!) and applied the brick paper to the inside of the walls.

Then I applied the brick paper to the outside walls and the two little inside walls, which I also topped with the white strips.
I then painted the inner patio and stone step with a grey paint. Placed them on the base and painted the 'grass' with green paint.

The patio in Rita's photograph has lovely crazy paving drawn on in a very effective way, but I decided I wanted a slightly overgrown garden with large stone slabs and grass growing up in between each one, hmmmm could the inspiration for the 'overgrown' bit come from my own little unkempt yard?? I did this by 'drawing my stone slabs with glue onto the patio and then covering with the grass in the kit.
Then 'hey presto' I tipped the loose grass off and this is what was underneath. The slabs are probably WAY out of scale but I like them.

I glued the patio into place in the corner. Just to give you an idea of scale the inner patio is a similar size to an English ten pence piece.

Once I had glued the inner walls and the stone step into place it was really starting to take shape.

Take a closer peek into my quiet corner.
Then I added the grass on the lower part of the garden, and of course there had to be grass growing up along the inner edge of my step - it just needs some HUGE dandelions and it would look like home.

That is where I have got to today. There is still the outer fence to build, a pergola, a bench and of course all those beautiful flowers to add. This kind of gardening I can quite happily handle.


Ascension said...

Un gran trabajo, te esta quedando precioso ese jardin.
A mi tambien me gustan las losas con hierba creciendo entre ellas.
besitos ascension

The Pin Factory said...

Muchas gracias por el comentario encantadora. Espero terminarlo este fin de semana.

Joey's Dream Garden said...

So sweet! Yes it need a few dandelions and daisies, then some slightly rusty and faded enamelled metal table and chair, and a cup of tea... Oh yes and climbing plants up the walls!

Joey xx