Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Beautiful Blogs and Mondodifavola Giveaway

The world of blogging is growing by the day. It is so easy to lose hours looking at the wonderful blogs out there. I love it when I get new followers because it opens up the opportunity to find new blogs that you followers have and then the links from your blogs and so on. Never a dull moment in blog land. There are so many wonderful talented folk out there.
On Mondodifavola Elena is doing a giveaway to celebrate over 150 followers, her blog is so beautiful that it is worth making a cup of tea and having a trip through it.

There a so many gorgeous blogs that it is impossible to name them all but I must mention one that I have only found this morning, again through the link of a new follower.

It is Lotjesdollshouse

It was through this that I found the other blog too and so it goes on. It is wonderful that we can all share our creativity with each other through such an easy medium.

Thank you so much to my followers because I love seeing your blogs and then other wonderful websites through them too.

So please share your blog addresses with me, also in the comments because I love to see what everyone is creating.

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