Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Carlas room and Pickett Hill Bathroom

I wanted to make a special little room for my cousins daughter, Carla. So of course the 1st stop was to sort out a room box from Judith. This is the kit that arrived and it is lovely and just perfect. It is 144th scale. I decided to go for a bit of a vintage feel so I stained all the wood for the room in a dark walnut. Then I downloaded some vintage children's wallpaper from Jennifer's Printables and reduced it to the correct size. Here is the room box built and wallpapered. I need to think through what to do about maybe a nice rug.

And from the top.

Then yesterday I started building the furniture. I have stained it all in a slightly lighter wood stain. There is a changing table and a matching bench. The changing table needs some nappies stacking and a cloth on the top. The bench needs a cushion of some description.

There had to be a cot of course. This needs some bedding added.

And a chest of drawers. This needs some knobs and maybe some extras on top.

Like I said the other day I am trying to finish off lots of the half done things lying around on my craft table. So this afternoon I have finished off Lydia Pickett's Bathroom. It really is a gorgeous kit. I have to admit however that I could not get the marbling technique to work to my satisfaction so I have a cream bathroom suite, which I have to say I am very happy with!

The Sink is made to look like it has been made from a salvaged door.

The toilet is surrounded by shelves made from old shutters.

The bath is surrounded by an old garden trellis.

Being a Betterley design there is of course beautiful artwork for everything right down to the steps leading up to the bath.

The sink 'door' just needs it doorknob but I have put the bathroom into Pickett Hill house just to see and it looks fabulous!

You can just see a peek of Emma bedroom on the floor below. I haven't decided where to put the bits yet and of course there is the door to put in too.

A brief break in the rain meant time to break away from the craft table and give the bunnies a treat. Jasper certainly enjoyed the carrot!

Also there was time to have another wander up in the yard to see what was flowering today and there was plenty! Elliot's poppies that I posted about the other day have all started bursting out and flowering!

Yet more of the HUGE irises are out.

The first hydrangea has flowered now I am keeping my fingers crossed for the others.

And the smaller clematis on the arch into the top yard has now started flowering too.

Absolutely beautiful!


Ascension said...

Que preciosidad de baƱo!!!!
La casita 1/44 te va a quedar genial, me encantan todos los muebles que vas haciendo.
Tus flores son preciosas!!
besitos ascension

Joey's Dream Garden said...

Hiya Claire!
The bathroom looks lovely! Really special. Is there going to be a couple of little rugs for the bath and sink? That would be cute. The other furniture is coming on a treat too! :D

Wowee! The poppy is fabby! I love the clematis too, the bud is as lovely as the opened flower. I didn't used to like hydrangeas, but I think I do now, i've been seeing them around and they're lovely how they form little posies of flowers!

Joey xx

Sandra from Sydney said...

It's all looking wonderful,Claire! You have been so busy again. And the flowers are beautiful.
Sandra (Snippets from my Studio)