Sunday, 18 July 2010

Lydia Pickett and more flowers

I have pretty much finished some of the Lydia Pickett furniture that I started a bit back. It has sat built and painted for some time on my craft table, so I thought I had better finish some pieces off. There is still the bathroom and the plate rack - just waiting for the artwork to be added. All the little kits come with fabulous extras which I haven't started yet. Here are the pieces that I have finished this weekend.

There is the side table (which just needs its drawer knob) and the chair.

The beautiful Day Bed, which still has the lovely cushions to be added.

The writing desk. This is just gorgeous, lovely artwork to go inside every little nook and cranny.

Here is a close up, but even here you cannot appreciate how beautiful and delicate the artwork is.

Then there is the coffee table. There are different inserts to place under the 'plexi glass' table top that you change depending on either whim or season!

This is the insert that I have chosen to start with, so very pretty.

Then we had a little break in the weather so I had a little wander out to the top yard to see what was growing. To my surprise the irises in Elliot's water garden (a half barrel) have shot up really tall and started to flower. They are truly exquisite. Also the white lavender is coming out. It is at the point where some of the little flowers are showing and some are still closed. It has put me in mind of the lavender I dried a couple of years ago - I can feel some vintage style lavender bags happening sometime soon.

Elliot's flower bed is doing really well too. His delphiniums have passed their best but other things are starting to get ready! The poppies that he planted from seeds have shot up and have HUGE green buds on them.

His Red Hot Poker is looking great and real splash of unexpected colour in amongst all my blues and pinks!

Here are the irises. They are so tall it was quite difficult for me to get a good photo.

Despite having such big blooms the petals are still very delicate.

I held my camera over the top and stood on tiptoe to see what it was like and this is what I got - what an incredible shape.

Of course a blog post about my garden wouldn't be complete without a little sneaky photo of some of my roses, these are my favourite this year.


Joey's Dream Garden said...

Hiya Claire!
Oh the furniture is gorgeous!! I LOVE the writing table, it's really lovely!

The flowers in your little garden are looking lovely too - iris is right good and I can't wait to see Elliot's poppies! I love poppies.

Yes! Yes! Vintage-style lavender bags sound really fabby! At the craft candy fair I went to on Saturday there were quite a few different ones, and the scent was in the air, it led you to them! I LOVE lavender, if I got my lazy finger out I'd plant some in our garden again, I did start some from seed years ago, but it died as I planted it in the wrong place (the elder overshadows almost everything in our garden!)

Joey xxx

Iris said...

So beautiful furniture and flowers!