Friday, 6 August 2010

New Rooms in the Baby House

As promised here are the photographs of the rooms I finished the other day inside the Baby House Cabinet. I also went on to finish the kitchen too.

Here is the Baby House as it is, there are still two rooms to do, and of course the stairs and landings. I have added some cardboard rugs to each room.

Firstly here is the bedroom on the left side.

This is the bedroom on the right side.

Here is the library - the light wasn't so good in this room I will maybe re-take these photos on a sunnier day.

I definitely need a plant on the coffee table in this room. Also a lamp and some papers on the desk.

This afternoon I filled the blue dresser that I had made for the kitchen.

Here it is next to my wedding ring to give you an idea of scale.

I had already made a start on the modern kitchen that came with the set but felt it wasn't quite right with my blue dresser. Judith said that she had just the right thing for me and she was right. So here is the new kitchen.

Of course it needed a plant on the kitchen table. I used a tiny purple rivet which I filled with greenery and then sprinkled some flower soft on top. Just the job.

The other rooms are going to be a rather splendid lounge and hopefully a dining room.


Joey's Dream Garden said...

It's looking BEAUTIFUL! I really love all the colours and the details... I love that little blue dresser! It's all really, really nice.

Joey xxx

Louise Elizabeth. Textile Designs ♥ said...

Beautiful Claire - takes me back to my childhood :)