Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Carlas Roombox

I have finished Carla's room box, ready to give her when we see her in a weeks time. I decided that the room needed a rug so I found a nice sized one that fitted the colour scheme.

Then I started adding bits to the furniture that I had made. The cot definitely needed bedding. I thought a nice bit of soft felt would do the trick - and it looks lovely but only when i took close up photos did I see how 'fluffy' it is - not perfect for this scale I guess but to the naked eye it looks just fine.

From above you can see the little pillow too.

Then there is the changing table with some nappies stored on the shelves underneath.

The chest of drawers with all the creams and lotions ready to hand.

A nice bench with some 'fluffy' cushions on.

Here it all is in place. It took me quite some time to decide the best placement. I felt this was the best set up. Here are a few photos from different angles.

I think that she will like it. All the furniture is kits from Judith, as always, at In Some Small Way.

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Joey's Dream Garden said...

Looks really sweet! :D Those cushions are super-fluffy!
Joey x