Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Baby House Furniture

Here are the photographs of the pieces of furniture for my Baby House that are finished. Two complete bedrooms and a library are now ready to go into the cabinet. They are all in 120th scale and from SDK Miniature kits bought from Judith at In Some Small Way.

Here is the first bedroom all together.

Here is the second bedroom all together.

Here is the library complete.

Just for an idea of scale here is one of the wardrobes on an English ten pence piece.

I decided the armoire in the second bedroom needed filling. So before I put the doors on I folded some pieces of ribbon and put them on the shelves.

I then decided that I wanted the doors to have a similar feel to the cabinet that the furniture is going in so I cut out some 144th scale wallpaper, left from decorating the cabinet, to fit the doors
and glued them on.
I love the way that Susan's (SDK Miniatures) kits are so versatile.
Hopefully my next post will be photographs of the furniture inside the cabinet.


Joey's Dream Garden said...

All the furniture is lovely! So very very tiny! I'd love to see it all in a little matchbox... I think you need a 120th scale removals lorry (a nice old-fashioned one of course) and take a picture of it outside the house with all the furniture ready to be unloaded! :D

You know it makes sense. ;-)
Joey xx

Ascension said...

Que maravilla!!!
No se como puedes hacerlo tan pequeño y que lleve todos los detalles, esta genial!!!
besitos ascension